Auto Repair- A Closer Look

Car repairs can be costly and complicated. This can be doubly true if you have a dishonest mechanic. However, a shop that you trust can be highly valuable for more than just getting auto repair services done. This is the obvious purpose that most people imagine for auto repair shops, but auto repair services are simply part of the package. For many people, knowing what to check or fix or replace is the major battle in the war against a deteriorating vehicle. There are plenty of mechanically minded people who are fairly handy with tools but who have trouble diagnosing problems or prescribing a solution. So, how does one go about finding an honest, skilled auto service tech? Probably the most reliable way is to be friends with the mechanic first, and an automotive customer second. The trust you’ve established in your existing relationship means that this person will tell you the truth because they actually want your car to run well, as much as you do. But, not everyone has a trusty auto service tech friend.

The second way to find an honest auto repair shop is to ask around. Maybe a friend of a friend has a family auto repair place that they know and trust. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Try to find people who have had service done by the shop you’re trying to investigate. Often, a small family auto service will provide better care for your vehicle than the dealer or a larger shop. This is for several reasons. Firstly, the shop might specialize in your make of vehicle, enabling them to more easily diagnose problems. Secondly, establishing relationships and building trust is easier at a small place. is a useful tool for this sort of thing. It allows ordinary people (who are not paid by a business) to rate their experience with a given establishment. Generally the best way to evaluate listings such as is to search for negative reviews. It’s easy to get distracted by a large number of positive reviews, but the important factor is the number of negative reviews compared to the number of negative reviews. includes a “star” rating for level of customer satisfaction, which makes evaluating car repairs shops at a glance quite easy.